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2 years ago

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Hi - some of you may have read some stories a few years earlier - it's an update. Since I poguide retired, with Cheryl has dominated even more - leave me a list of things to do and I will be punished if everything is done to your satisfaction. I must confess that at times about leaving a job, and sometimes criticized Chery aware of anything. Three long-handled shoehorn Ikea has bought, how the palette is the poguide perfect size to handle the punishment is - she is very good with this ( practice makes perfect ) and can attack any cheek deliver perfection and know exactly how my scrotum to catch the latest in pain (or is emotion) I get an additional six strokes, when I try to keep my eggs in any way - your call punishment " is rather useless - . let them swing " we have an open staircase and she took some wire mesh on one side and an end closure panel. The point of broadband is there, and that makes meI keep my laptop in there too. If she thinks I 'm naughty, locked me there ( I have the poguide need of a cube, and tissues were rubbish). It is also used when it leads men to the house. Favorita is to humiliate a man to take home - and then you have heated up in the queue - the look on his face when he is amazing, and everything he says never to see the cage is "no matter how cowardly. "A then a very telling moment is when you poguide can do something, not much to my imagination for the tissue box. in the early days I always, after the men went to clean a cream pie, which I liked to be called real. as the cage, men have always been fascinated, and she has now put down the stairs, took me out of - ( I'm wearing a necklace of 24 / 7) and directed by my insistence that I clean before leaving . I love the taste of Cheryl in it, but I hate when that difficult and makes them come poguide back into my mouth. Iwouln't dare, and sometimes, when I have been convicted before them, and show no mercy, and it's so humiliating to complain! sometimes go shopping when I was locked in the cage. This is when you poguide normally use the laptop on this website or cuckold chat rooms to visit ( and now, for example). When she gets into when analyzed tissue and sperm contain 'm punished. has something great about men, women poguide always want to swallow sperm - they Spitter - but if I lose or dare when I always serve it with tongue confess that "Men have to earn some of their own medicine," I know love and do everything for them, but can be cruel, do not hold the words and I love showing off to select certain friends etc.

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